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OORCOAST MUSIC is your COMMUNITY MUSIC STORE and your Fender dealer on the Oregon Coast. ORCOAST MUSIC also carries many other lines including Casio Keyboards and Kala Ukuleles.

ORCOAST has a huge selection of new and used Gear. In addition to the enormous selection of guitars and amps, there is plenty on the floor for you percussionists as well. ORCOAST is a full service store with Electric and Acoustic Guitars,Violins, Banjos, Mandolins and other folk plus much, much more.

Why Shop Orcoast Music vs. Big Box Stores

  1. Service, we setup and insure playability of your instrument.
  2. After the sale service, we don’t stop helping with your instrument and playing experience after you purchase
  3. Ability to build packages suited to the individual, discounts on accessories and instruments.
  4. Trade Ins are welcome.
  5. Knowledge

Last but not least, we are honest, fair and approachable 6 days a week. Sometimes you may pay a little more than the box stores, but the added value, more than makes up for any difference in price. When we can we try to save you money. It’s all about music and the playing experience. That’s why we continue to try to bring you more, such as our newly improved PERFORMANCE STUDIO, “The Wind Tunnel” home to ORCOAST MUSIC’S OPEN MIC.

“We have a serious collection of guitars and amps with some of the finest instrument manufacturers on the planet represented.”

At ORCOAST it’s about the vibe, knowledge and attention to our customers. There is no box store mentality at ORCOAST. We are a hub for local musicians. We serve the Oregon Coast but we have customers all over the Northwest and beyond. With decades of experience, our small staff is the finest you’ll find anywhere.

ORCOAST is an independently owned, homegrown operation with a crew that truly loves what they do. The store also features Guitar, Bass and Drum Lessons, amp and guitar repairs, and most of all friendly service during and after the sale. Come on in, check us out, spend some time & see for yourself why we are the choice of so many Musicians!

We welcome your trade in, so if you’re looking to step up or step over to something new, Orcoast Music is your store.

If you have any questions, either stop by the store or call us at 541-888-6805. We are open Monday through Saturday, Closed Sunday.

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